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"Our wedding ceremony made our wedding day. We aren't religious or humanist but we did, of course, want to have a wedding celebration so we placed our trust in Ronan to deliver something similar for us on our wedding day. Unbeknownst to us, Ronan had made thorough preparations, having spoken in detail with our friends and family in the leadup to the wedding, and it was this preparation that helped bring our lives as individuals, and as a couple, to life for everyone on the day. The traditional candlelighting, ring-exchange and kiss were a part of the ceremony but it was the many quirks and quips relating to different times in our lives that made it really personal and really special. The celebration was fun and interactive, which put us at ease, and so many guests commented on how much they enjoyed it and felt they were a real part our celebration as a result. All in all, our wedding celebration as prepared and hosted by Ronan, made our special day absolutely perfect."
Andrea & Colm
Bride & Groom
"Ronan provided a great service for our castle wedding in August 2017. He met us a few months prior to discuss the outline for the ceremony; it was soon clear that he was highly attuned to the requirements of a couples’ big day. Working with us over the coming weeks, he developed a template for the ceremony, addressing essential details (timing, flow, cues, elements of punctuation etc.) that we would never have considered. The end result was an occasion that was unique and satisfying for us, and thoroughly engaging for guests. He is an adept public speaker, providing content that is tastefully personal and light-hearted. We are extremely grateful for his efforts and would highly recommend Ronan’s jovial but professional celebrant style as an alternative to the conventional ceremony."
Kaireen & Roghan
Bride & Groom
"Ronan added hugely to the day bringing humour, a personal touch and a warmth to the wedding ceremony we had never seen at any wedding before. Ronan's research on us as a couple and the warm surprises and humour he brought to the ceremony was a joy to behold and be involved in. His wit, wise words and professionalism added greatly to the day. Would highly recommend Ronan as a wedding celebrant."
Eithne & Gerry
Bride & Groom
"Fantastic ceremony. I’ve performed at a lot of different ceremonies over the years and this was easily one of the best. Really personal, humorous and the guests all seemed to have a great time."
Wedding Musician
"Ronan was a brilliant celebrant at the wedding in August. He was very relaxed and he put everyone at ease. He was especially good at telling stories about the couple and his sense of humour enlivened the ceremony."
"The best wedding ceremony we've been to and it was our luck that we were part of it, would highly recommend Ronan as a celebrant
Emma & Dave
"We attended a friend’s wedding in December 2015. It was quite different to the typical church weddings we had previously been at. Without a doubt one of the main highlights was the couples choice of Celebrant – Ronan Kearney. He conducted the proceedings confidently and enthusiastically with just the right balance of humour to lighten the occasion for the happy couple. It was obvious he had done plenty of preparation for the day by the fact everything ran so smoothly. He met with the bride and groom on a number of occasions before the big day to get to know them and also to get an understanding of what they wanted for their ceremony. He told some great stories about funny and happy memories the couple had, and had everyone in stitches with a story about an ill-fated trip abroad. This was by far a more personal, intimate and entertaining ceremony than any church or humanist weddings we had attended. We would highly recommend Ronan to anyone looking for a unique and special celebrant for their special day."
Mags & Enda
"Ronan is easily the greatest celebrant that has ever lived. He is also very handsome, incredibly charismatic, and endlessly charming. He has an extremely high IQ."
Ronan Kearney
Leading Wedding Celebrant
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